staying grounded

Here are some simple ways I like to stay grounded during these surreal times...
wake up with the sun /
Rain, hail or shine, the sun always rises for us, so it only seems fair we should do the same? No matter what's going on in the world, or how tired I may feel, I always wake up before sunrise so I can start my day gradually as the sun comes up. I always feel better for it. I also swear by  wake-up light alarm clocks, that gradually light up your bedroom in the morning so you can ditch that awful adrenaline rush phone alarm.
Appreciate the little things /
When we slow down we can begin to see the little bits of beauty in our day that often get forgotten. Like the sound of birds in the morning, the smell of fresh air and rain, flowers in people gardens.
Just taking a minute to sit cross-legged or lie down in your yard (or balcony/ in front of a window if you are in an apartment) can instantly help to make you feel more grounded an rooted in your environment. 
eat fresh fruit & veg /
We have herd it all before, but eating nourishing wholesome fresh foods does wonders for your mind and body. In times when we may be feeling particularly unsettled or vulnerable, things like slow cooked root vegetables can help us feel more grounded and nurtured. 
play & create /
You don't need to be the next Picasso, just have fun with it! Whether it's paint, drawing, collage, writing or music, having a creative outlet is so beneficial to our mind and spirit. If you don't have any materials at home you can pick up some basic supplies from your local supermarket, and you can always pick up some fun options like air drying clay online. Colouring in can also be a beautiful way to  relax our mindset, and I'll be sharing a fun little template you can use soon.
embrace your inner child /
The world is a surreal place at the moment, and the heaviness and uncertainty of it all can be hard to switch off from. Sometimes it's nice to embrace nostalgia of simpler times like childhood, and re-watch some of your favourite movies and TV shows from when you were growing up. 
You can read a little more about how myself and the business are navigation through these uncertain times in my recent interview with Ethical Made Easy 

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