Bias Basics is a one-woman show, based in a small coastal town nestled between Byron and the Gold Coast. Bias Basics grew from creator Adelaide’s desire to live a simple yet significant lifestyle. “Sometimes our lives are completely shaken up, in order for things to fall into place where they truly belong. It is often in the most simple things that we find true happiness, including the clothes that we wear.”

The Bias woman is pure, effortless, honest and intentional; she strips away the nonessentials and focuses her time and energy on the things that really matter the most. Comfortable in her own skin, she sees no need for extravagant outfits or embellishments. She sticks to the basics (Bias Basics) because she is enough; she lets her energy and personality do the talking. She wears her clothes, her clothes don’t wear her. 
There are three key styles to the collection, available in various tonal shades inspired by natures colour palette. Simply designed to become the foundation pieces of your wardrobe, which you will forever show ’bias’ towards. 
Flattering and classic cuts that you will never grow tired of, eliminating the need for excess consumption.