Ethos and Sustainability

Design / 

There are three key styles to the collection, each created consciously and deliberately. Simply designed to become the foundation pieces of your wardrobe, that you will forever show 'bias' towards.  Flattering and classic cuts that you will never grow tired of, reducing the need of excess consumption. Every piece is made in limited numbers.


Fabrics /

Every Bias Basics style is made from 100% linen that has been Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.  Linen is highly breathable, biodegradable and is naturally hypoallergenic due to it's unique anti-bacterial properties. Linen is also inherently a more sustainable fabric than most, as it takes little to almost no water, fertiliser or pesticides to grow, with very low environmental impact.

Minimal waste cutting techniques are used when constructing the garments, and we will be working on some small pieces, which any remaining offcuts can be repurposed for. 

In the studio / 

I strive to live and work in a conscious and sustainable environment. Working from home allows me to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would usually occur on a daily commute to work. I prefer to work outside or use natural lighting in order to minimise the use of unnecessary electricity. Recycled and environmentally friendly products are used within my studio and home, and I repair and donate wherever I can.  

In place of conventional plastic, products are shipped from my supplier to the studio in boxes and cornstarch packaging which is 100% home compostable. Orders are then packed and sent out to you in biodegradable satchels.

If waste is completely unavoidable, I will consciously recycle, reused or regift wherever possible.


Manufacturing /

Each item of clothing is hand made by skilled artisans and makers in Bali Indonesia. I work closely with a small ethical and sustainable production house, which comply and exceed all government salary and working hour laws. 

It is a family run business that has been operating in the same facility since 1987. They are an ethical and sustainably minded company that strive to ensure they leave a positive imprint on both their local community and the textile industry as a whole. They go that extra mile to take care of their team, providing them with superannuation, health care, life insurance, paid sick leave, maternity leave, complying and exceeding all government salary and working hour laws (only working 40 hours per week). Religious holidays and cultural commitments are also supported.

Instead of using conventional plastic, garment orders are shipped from my supplier to my studio, using corn starch packaging, which is 100% home compostable. 

Here are some of our highly skilled team members.


Sustainable Packaging / 

A range of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging is used in order to minimise waste. 

I have chosen not to use any form of swing tags on my garments, in order to reduce excess packaging. Acid free and FSC certified tissue paper with soy-based ink is used, as well as fully biodegradable compostable courier satchels, and eco-friendly and recyclable packing tape. 


I am well aware of the negative social and environmental impacts the fashion industry can have, and I am forever striving to minimise the footprint and maximise sustainability. There is always room for improvement, and I will be constantly growing and learning new ways to do so. 



/ Adelaide  x